Tuesday, April 6, 2010

away a while

A lot has happened since last time I was here....
My mother had this great idea to sell their apartment and buy two smaller ones.... One for my parents and one for my husband and I. This way we would rent it from them or rather it would be like paying a mortgage but instead of paying a bank we'd be paying my parents.We get to have our own place and not a rented or borrowed one and plus we can live close to them. For practical reasons it's much easier to be close by.. plus their neighborhood is much nicer and closer to work.

This was little more than a month ago. They sold their apartment and bought a new one in less than a week. I spent the past couple of weeks helping them pack and unpack again in the new place. Also been looking frantically for a home of our own.... And am very impatient to finally have our own little place.

Also got a great job for a couple of days photographing one of our coasts touristy beach towns Guaruj√°... if only I could get more work like that!!!

On a completely different note: winter seams to have arrived suddenly just today! I've been freezing all day wearing a scarf and now it's only 21h30 and i'm in bed under the covers...

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Diwakar Sinha said...

It is summer time here, with its share of humid sun and sweat and laziness.
wud love to go to a beach for a change.