Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today I moved back home.
One year ago today I arrived in Sao Paulo with little more than a few cardboard boxes and a suitcase packed mostly with books clothes, negatives and cameras... We had pretty much no money just debts.
Today, finally, my husband has managed to finish paying off his bank loans... (they paid his university).

I would never have guessed that one year later we would be looking for a place of our own in the truest sense of the word... somewhere to build our future on.... a place that we can decorate, paint, sculpt to our likings and where we can imagine sometime in the future possibly starting a family there.

My parents are growing older, (aren't we all!) and I am happy to be here for them after so many years.... just as they are here for us and always have been. I see them happy looking to the future with us, supporting us and it makes me thankful and so glad to be here!

...and to celebrate all that, here's a photo of my favorite place!

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Tongue Trip said...

count your blessings and may you never run out of them. i am happy for you and your husband. i like you even more now not just for being an excellent photographer but also as a person. :)