Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things that drive me mad/ things that make my day

Things that drive me mad here in SP:
-Lack of organization in large corporate supposedly professional companies.
-People who throw trash on the streets
-Extremely crowded busses full of sweaty people
-lack of respect towards others
-Loud obnoxious people
-bad quality stuff
-The way people drive
-The fact that there are buss stops which are impossible to see and that have no signs to let one know what buss stops there
-How expensive mushrooms, asparagus and other food like that is

Things I love and that make me smile:
-How the guy who sweeps the streets every morning smiles and sings while he works
-When someone offers to hold my bag in the bus because I'm standing and they're sitting
-How people aren't afraid of people, how they strike up a conversation with anyone anywhere under almost any circumstance
-The flexibility
-Crowded busses with sweaty people who are tired have worked all day and are still in a good mood
-The market
-The heat
-How plants grow much faster and stronger

Saturday, February 20, 2010

When things fall into place

Well, I was planning to go to the beach this weekend but then we thought it was going to rain so decided to stay after all. As luck has it, I was called up to do a last minute shoot. A fellow photographer friend of mine was unable to take on a job so she kindly passed it on to me.
The pay is bad to say the least, but a job is a job and at least there's some reward... Right now my priority is to work!!
The shoot consists of a "making of" for an add. I have to photograph 4 singers in the studio, while they're recording the song that will then go on the add... if I understood correctly.
I can't put up any photos yet, but hopefully soon...

In the end it didn't rain, but still was worth staying in town.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's carnaval at the moment here in Brazil. Now as most people know, this is a BIG deal over here. I think this is a particularly special occasion for people who aren't so well off. There are many many people here who live from and for this, literally... all year round they prepare for these couple of days of craziness.
Yesterday we went to the street carnaval close by my parents house. The men went dressed as women and the women as men. It was a big big crowd of people... all happy and smiling. There was maracatu (drums) and we all went along walking around dancing to the music... It was really beautiful...
Tradition is important I think... Not all of them, but the things that we repeat in time and that keep us together and happy... like family traditions.....
Speaking of which, here's a photo of my youngest cousin from last Christmas.
Back soon!

Friday, February 12, 2010

absent but not really

I haven't posted in a while...
Lots has been going on. I went to Rio and fell in love with the city. I had already been there twice before years ago but somehow this time was different... I found it so beautiful in comparison with Sao Paulo...
I do love SP, but it's damn ugly!!! Whereas Rio is just beautiful and of course there's the sea... ah the sea....

Anyway, am working on some projects... stuff that will bring more work in. Have started a computer class... getting my act together. Can't be left behind when it comes to computer programs or you can forget work altogether!

But back to uglyness... Its not really necessary, not at all. I've started to make a list of ways to change this... It will take time but its not impossible, someone just needs to begin doing something about it!!