Monday, April 19, 2010

These boots

Back in the days, when I was 17 years old I went on a road trip with my boyfriend at the time from Sao Paulo to San Francisco by land.... It was quite an adventure, something I will never forget and an experience that really shaped the following years of my life.

My hiking boots from those days were left behind at my parent's house as I continued moving countries and went through college in Stuttgart, then Paris and last but not least Barcelona...

Since I've been back in Sao Paulo my parent's moved house and did a major clean up of everything. My boots came out from some dark corner of a closet. My mother just gave them to me in a plastic bag and said: "here you take these now..." I went home with the bag, not even looking inside properly. I wasn't sure what to do with them. I haven't used them in years but they have walked in the mountains in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Middle America, Mexico, Grand Canyon, Death Valley and many more places... I couldn't just get rid of them.

A few days past and I decided to take some action and decide if I was going to keep the boots or not... to my total shock I noticed the soles just disintegrated ...

So much walking and they finally fell apart somewhere in a closet!!

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Tongue Trip said...

hi there. had been a while. always glad to return to your posts. sad to learn about the sole mates though. what are those lined up on the wall?