Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things that drive me mad/ things that make my day

Things that drive me mad here in SP:
-Lack of organization in large corporate supposedly professional companies.
-People who throw trash on the streets
-Extremely crowded busses full of sweaty people
-lack of respect towards others
-Loud obnoxious people
-bad quality stuff
-The way people drive
-The fact that there are buss stops which are impossible to see and that have no signs to let one know what buss stops there
-How expensive mushrooms, asparagus and other food like that is

Things I love and that make me smile:
-How the guy who sweeps the streets every morning smiles and sings while he works
-When someone offers to hold my bag in the bus because I'm standing and they're sitting
-How people aren't afraid of people, how they strike up a conversation with anyone anywhere under almost any circumstance
-The flexibility
-Crowded busses with sweaty people who are tired have worked all day and are still in a good mood
-The market
-The heat
-How plants grow much faster and stronger

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