Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's carnaval at the moment here in Brazil. Now as most people know, this is a BIG deal over here. I think this is a particularly special occasion for people who aren't so well off. There are many many people here who live from and for this, literally... all year round they prepare for these couple of days of craziness.
Yesterday we went to the street carnaval close by my parents house. The men went dressed as women and the women as men. It was a big big crowd of people... all happy and smiling. There was maracatu (drums) and we all went along walking around dancing to the music... It was really beautiful...
Tradition is important I think... Not all of them, but the things that we repeat in time and that keep us together and happy... like family traditions.....
Speaking of which, here's a photo of my youngest cousin from last Christmas.
Back soon!

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Tongue Trip said...

i miss seeing that madness, it must be an euphoric frenzy. if you have pics maybe you could put them up sometime?
very nice picture, very nice hair also.
ta :)