Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new home

So finally, we moved! It was exhausting even though there was hardly anything to move... I mean no furniture practically since we didn't bring any from Europe... just some boxes. But there was still so much to fix up on the house that by evening time we were sooo tired!

Now that was Sunday... A couple of days later, many hours of cleaning and unpacking and things are slowly starting to look better. Still no furniture really, but we did make some work tables out of doors... and we had to buy a bookshelf... A lot of improvising but it's ok.

Now I haven't finished the decorating and this weekend we should get some more furniture from my parent's. They have some things that are not in use so we can take them... So no photos yet... I want it to look as much like a home as possible before posting them...

So just some funny egg eyes instead!
More to come...

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Tongue Trip said...

bravo! you did it finally :) cant wait to see the cozy homeliness, a house full of love and dreams.