Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Banking nightmares!!

I hate banks. It's established. Or at least I hate the whole system here! It's absolutely insane.
I had huge difficulties opening my bank account here in Sao Paulo because I don't have an "official" job. Or rather, I work for myself and not in some firm or whatever, I work freelance.
After a lot of hassle I managed with the help of my father to open an account.
Now the problem is my husbands... He's working as a freelance graphic designer for this company and they need to pay him. However they can't pay him because he doesn't have an account. The bank says he can't open an account because he doesn't have a salary.
How on earth can that be? How can we earn money if we can't put it in a bank, and how can we open an account if we can't get paid???
And what about the people who are worse off than we are?? Are poor people doomed to stay poor, work "under the table" and put their money away under their mattress??
Seriously it's driving me crazy!!
Maybe I'll have to look here soon to get inspired!! :

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