Thursday, November 26, 2009

bummed out!

So I had this job interview a while back. It wasn't for photo or cooking but design.
Now I'm not really a designer... and I didn't hide that fact, but they actually liked me because I was called back for a second interview together with 3 other (real) designers.
In the end I didn't get the job. However, what pissed me off wasn't that so much but that the reason I didn't get it was due to my shyness!
Ok, so I am bit shy and perhaps not too articulate when it comes to verbal communication, but damn it I never thought that would keep me from a job!

I guess there's only one way to go: take it as constructive criticism and do better next time.
But I know I could have done well with that job. Shit!

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Tongue Trip said...

hmm, ok, but its quite creditable by itself that without any formal qualification you almost made it to being a designer.
about being shy, yeah i have an idea how you mustve wanted to kick yourself hard for being reserved to your disadvantage sometimes. youre the kind whose work speaks for itself, the modest violet who avoids talking about her potential. im sure theres a better something lined up for you. :) cheers!ta.