Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blackout and lack of water....

Well, once again I had the chance to see the 3rd World side of Brazil!

The house if finally pretty much ready.. That is paint is done, leaks have been fixed, floors are like new... Only the water company here is taking it's time to switch the water back on!
The previous renter didn't pay the water bill for so long that it was cut off. Now the debt has been settled, but the water company needs I don't know how long to put it back up. Meanwhile we cannot tell if the taps have been properly installed, or the shower or even the washing machine... I also can't clean the place. I'm thinking we may have to push the moving date yet another week forward. Sometimes I wonder if we will ever move in!!! :(

As for the blackout... well, there was a major major one last night here in Brazil. It affected over 10 States from 10pm till 5am... THAT is impressive I think!! Pretty crazy!

What usually looks like this photo 1, was looking more like picture 2!


Anonymous said...

it's possible that the blackout was a successful terrorist plot, which would be great, or the Brazilian government is just denying that it was a successful terrorist plot

Tongue Trip said...

i know what youre talking about, coming from a small town where electricity was a luxury and water just a six hours was hard..and now in bombay these two problems are obsolete and its queer i can still sometimes get nostalgic about those long candle hours and hoarding water in tall drums.
you will move in, its a matter of time ofc, i know its frustrating but better if you got rid of glitches first. will be soon, dont worry, sooner than you know.

Tongue Trip said...

just saying hi and keep your spirits up, both of you! cheers! ta!

barbarita said...

The brazilian gov. is lacking enough organization or intelligence to actually figure out what caused the blackout... I doubt that it has anything to do with terrorism though!