Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We went to the center of Sao Paulo today to get some paperwork done. I love this city center. It was (and still is) very beautiful. However, now a days there is so much poverty and mess there that you have to detach yourself a bit. It's a big mass of people and amongst them some of the poorest ones I've seen.
Still I think there is beauty to be seen even in the ugly. A very different kind of beauty than that of my previous home towns (Barcelona and Paris) of course, but even so it's there, we just have to look a bit harder!

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Tongue Trip said...

it was as if i was reading about India,not for its miserable poverty but for the eye catching magic around, which surprise and warm your heart. the photos are really alluring, have read about sao paulo in geography books which ofc could never tell about the feel of the blossoms in your photos or the quintessential charm, its people and culture. :) cheers ta!