Monday, December 14, 2009

random thoughts

It's cold today. I don't like it.

I want to start painting again.

We are going to spend new years on a beach with some great friends in a place I've never been to. Can it get any better than that?

Yesterday, while cleaning the stove I realized I was exactly where I want to be. (not necessarily cleaning the stove but) Back in Brazil, trying to make it my home, living with my husband, in our own little place, (although not so little or our own yet) trying to make it as a photographer, even if still not quite there, but on the right track... Slowly making new friends, re-discovering this huge dirty, ugly, noisy, so very darn noisy, wonderful city....
Thinking about children but no yet, really not yet.
With still so many plans and wish lists and want lists...

This is where I want to be. This is where I am. Finally.
Thank you!

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Tongue Trip said...

your optimism is infectious, it made me feel better too! your dreams are very much probable and even certain..when your wishes will come true, each one because you know that theres no reason or anything that could prevent it from happening. maybe not right today, but soon. i hope it gets warmer for you and if not then may you have enough warmth radiating from your loved one(s). tata!