Monday, December 7, 2009


Back when I was living in Barcelona, I had an exhibition at the
Estudio Nomada A week or so ago they had a group show of projections on the ceiling of the gallery and I was asked to participate. Here's what I sent them... and here's a link to their site in case you want to see more:

Fotos - de Barbara Allain from zapato rojo on Vimeo.


Tongue Trip said...

had never heard of projection on the ceiling but then what much do i know. such interesting and curious pictures. the butcher at the station, the withering plantern leaves, the striking yellow balloon against the lively green, wrapped bunch of flowers at the feet, the layered banana trunk, trees braving the autumn, bereft of leaves, a door to the outside or inside, the moss and algae, the hillocks and grazing cattle, several moods of the skies, the toppled popcorn bucket, the winter chill, the diminishing glow of afternoon warmth, the clear and concealed, of the mysteries and the revealed. i adore the play of your camera. beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.

barbarita said...

thank you!!! :)