Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's not easy going back to one's roots. Hell, I've been back home for 6 months now and there's been a lot of head butting going on. I believe once you've left home, don't go back... Unless it's to visit of course. But here I have no choice. We have started to look for our own place, but small apartments within our budget range are very very hard to find at the moment here in Sao Paulo. This city is crazy.... Why are there SO many people living here?? Sometimes I ask myself why on earth did I ever come back?! I don't regret it. I know deep down it was necessary, but still. On Sunday we went out with some friends. They took us to a great Chinese restaurant here in Liberdade (Sao Paulo's China/Japantown)... It was so nice on the way back to drive in normal traffic that I said: "hey on Sundays I feel like I could actually live here!" Because on any other day, you have to be crazy to choose to live here!! I guess I am!

Anyway, I was walking around the neighbourhood today, staring at all the buildings I could imagine myself living in and looking for "for rent" signs when I came across these amazing trees. They are all over Sao Paulo, bursting up the sidewalks with their incredible roots. Aren't they just wonderful?

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Tongue Trip said...

arent these banyan trees? they can live upto four hundred fifty! btw worshipping this tree and another goes back to the Indian pagan origins of Hinduism. incidentally my latest scrap is partly about my love for trees too. hope you have found a suitable home to live in. ta!