Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We had a national holiday... and as most people do we went to the beach. It was great... lots of fun things to do. This time we went on a very fancy motoboat of friends of some friends... and got a feel of the good life...
We also went sailing on my father's sail boat... not as glamorous as the giant motorboat, but a lot more quiet and peaceful.
We stopped off at an island where there was once a prison and visited it's remains... It was frustrating because I didn't take my good camera, just the little point and shoot. I got a couple of nice shots anyway.
I intend to go back there with proper equipment some time soon though!


Tongue Trip said...

really liked the pictures of this derelict prison. i like read about, see and visit cities, structure or monuments that may have withered with time, water and wind because they mostly have an interesting history behind them. looking forward to more pictures and account of your adventures.tata!

Diwakar Sinha said...

the second one was my fav

Tongue Trip said...

thanks, and i hope youre doing well and very happy.
cheers and tata!