Sunday, August 2, 2009

already august!

Haven't had time to post anything, I've been busy with some work and wedding preparations. Not exactly the kind of wedding I had dreamed of: very rushed and caotic, but I still hope it will turn out ok. Not even the rings have arrived yet. Not so sure they will. If not, we will use my grandparents rings. They are old and worn but I'm sure they will bring us good vibes coming from them. The situation is a little particular as it is: we get married and rush to the police stationt to ask for a permanent visa for my future husband! His tourist visa runs out the very same day!! Keep your fingers crossed all will go well.

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Tongue Trip said...

keep your nerves together and it will go will have a beautiful wedding sans unnecessary paraphernalia. i hope your fiance gets the visa. best wishes and good cheer! on what date is the wedding BTW?