Tuesday, July 28, 2009

...you win some, you lose some....

Just found out I didn't win a photo competition I had applied for.... It's not a big deal, I mean, these things are reall really hard to win and this one was huge. From looking at past winners though I thought I had a chance and I needed it so much I sort of built myself up this dream fantasy that I'd win.
Oh well... It's really not a big deal... Just that would have come in handy... a real break if you know what I mean.
I'm getting desperate to move out of my parents house... it would have given us that extra cash and work that would have helped.

Next week is our wedding! And the prospect of still living in this tiny room with my parents annoys me a bit to say the least. I know it's temporary but it sure is extending itself this in between thing!

The good news is: I did get some freelance photo work, so not all is lost.

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Tongue Trip said...

can one ever know what exactly the judges are looking for at such competitions? do they set an individual standard? do they look for concept, art or craft? glad to hear about the wedding to be. perhaps some pictures from that day? hope the freelance thing is working alright for you.