Tuesday, June 30, 2009


...it just sucks. It does things to one's self esteem... or rather it just about eats it up. So not only do I continue jobless, but also esteemless, depressed, wanting to eat everything I see so that I get fat and feel even more crappy.
The other thing about being unemployed is all that time on our hands. So to fill it up I started checking out all this stuff on the internet. That made me find all these great coursed I'd love to take especially now that I have time on my hands. Except, of course, to take a course you need to have money to pay for it. I don't. Obviously.
So I start looking at photoblogs... and I realize how much I still need to learn so my self esteem gets eaten up a little more and I feel worse...
I even stumbled upon some guy who wrote about killing himself due to not finding a job... Now THAT really made me depressed.
Oh, well, maybe tomorrow will be better.... right?

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